Established in March, 2016. With the efforts of the elite team members, SLT achieved outstanding results in the hotel industry and electricity business within a short span of time, and laid an important foundation in the e-commerce platform.

We believe that the concept of sharing economy will be an important trend in the future. The arise of block-chain encryption assets also will be assimilated into individual’s daily life and businesses. As a result, we are committed to explore the full encryption technology of R&D block-chains, and continue to promote the importance of shared-economy’s concept to the public. Here, our company is pursuing a multi-dimension e-commerce platform and realize a shared-economy win-win era.

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Businesses are faced with so many changes today, but there is one thing that will not change, that is, the essence of business – creating value for users. The more scarce the capital is, the greater the value in the transaction! Idle capital can create the largest value capital in circulation and always flow to the system that can create the greatest value! So we do not lack capital, but do not understand the concept and methods of capital operation! We are not just short of money. What we lack may only be good projects and high operational capabilities! Therefore, we should deeply understand that “the world’s riches should flow through the world”

SK Lim, President of SLT Global

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