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Why people will get CANCER?

Our body contains many oxygen (O2), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and hydroxide(OH). This elements will make our body cells to generate the energy for our daily life. However, the unstable Oxygen will produce free radical and if it accumulates too much in your body, it might lead to an Oxidation reaction in your body. Oxidation leads to the damage of cell membranes, DNA and other living organisms as well as cells losing their functions.




Hydrogen gas or diatomic molecular hydrogen is the chemical formula H2. It is the smallest molecule in the universe, about have the size of oxygen. Dissolves hydrogen has been found to have anti-oxidant properties which helps to reduce aging and can enhance cellular protection by removing free radicals that can be found in your body. As well as:

  • reduce ageing to give healthy looking skin 护肤减龄
  • improve cellular health and protection 提高细胞抵抗力
  • improves muscle-tissue functions & joints mobility 增强肌肉和关节
  • increase blood circulation 提高血液循环
  • better hydration for your body 提供更好的保湿
  • reduce constipation problems 减少便秘问题
  • aids in lowering cholesterol levels 降低胆固醇水平
  • improves quality of life of cancer patients undergoing treatment 减少癌症患者在治疗过程中出现的身体问题
  • detoxifies your body 为身体排毒
  •  faster recovery from physical workout 促使身体的恢复能力
  • improves skin condition and for beautiful skin 改善皮肤问题及修复肌肤
  • enhance better nutrient absorption in the body 增进营养的吸收
  • better endurance and alertness 提早预防疾病

Elle Magazine of French also have post the article about the benefits of hydrogen water!!!!

LivePure Hydrogen Generator can supply hydrogen water INSTANTLY!

Even in reverse osmosis (RO) water that is not including electrolyte (minerals). It can produce highest concentration of hydrogen, approximate 1800PPB hydrogen.

Possible was the highest concentration of hydrogen water in the market. With the design light weight- 4.5kg and can hold up to 3.5L hydrogen water at one time, it is very suitable for the family used.

Eliminate Free Radical

Helps to eliminate free radicals from our body which is critical to ensure our well-being

Blood Stagnation

The source of all diseases begins with the Inflammation of the cells and the free radicals doing the damage to the body.

What is the benefit of LivePure Hydrogen Generator Compare to Other???

thumbsupHigh concentration of hydrogen-rich water 高浓度富氢水

thumbsupWater capacity 容量: 3.5L

thumbsupHydrogen manufacturing speed 氢气水制造速度: instantly 立即完成

thumbsupHydrogen concentration氢气浓度: about 1800PPB (peak) 大约 1800PPB

thumbsupHydrogen durability 氢气持久度: 72 hours 小时

thumbsupNo maintenance requires 无需维修

thumbsupNo need to replace the filter 无需更换滤芯

thumbsupEasy to install anywhere in your home 容易安装,可安装在家里任何一处

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