SLTHOTEL cooperates with FIIILAB to make a new future together

SLTHOTEL cooperates with FIIILAB to make a new future together2019-01-18T06:43:23+00:00

Project Description

In the ceremony, CEO of FiiiLAB, Sylvester Lee had introduced the FiiiPOS to the guests. The guests can use FiiiPOS to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Based on existing business model, FiiiPOS explores and builds a block-chain technology industry that can be more acceptable and conveniently for the public.

In this era,people are aware of block-chains, and more and more people want to have cryptocurrencies. This is because they saw the value of cryptocurrencies. However, in daily life, we found that cryptocurrencies is not widely used, so why are we still pursuing cryptocurrencies?

To solve this problem, FiiiLAB introduces the world’s only mobile payment POS terminal that is compatible with more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies worldwide. It is like a small checkout machine that provides cryptocurrencies conversion and has the ability to print the receipts in a timely manner, it is an ideal for merchants. By using blockchain technology, it provided a safer and faster payment method for the users. For this reason, SLT HOTEL and FiiiLAB officially completed the signing ceremony on September 28. SLT Global officially became a distributor of the FiiiPOS brand in Southern Malaysia and ordered 1000 FiiiPOS.

Now, you can buy FIIIPOS at SLT GLOBAL, together with FIIIPAY app, you can make the cryptocurrencies more widely used and increase the value of cryptocurrencies. For who is iInterested, you can call the phone number, 010-5288666, SK LIM, or send an email to for further details or order FIIIPOS.

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