FiiiPOS and FiiiPAY

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A mobile payment POS terminal capable to support more than 1500 types of cryptocurrencies

More than a thousand possibilities to be exact. FiiiPOS is the only mobile payment POS terminal in the world that is compatible with more than 1,500 types of cryptocurrencies. Designed with a patented technology, FiiiPOS supports a multitude of functions including NFC, Bluetooth, code-scanning, GPS close-range payments and facial recognition.

FiiiPOS is powered by FiiiGROUP’s very own patented Bluetooth payment technology. It is designed to receive custom data payload broadcasted by any compatible smartphone via Bluetooth. With this technology, users can share payment data securely even when offline.

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Power in Your Pocket Online AND Offline

More than just an eWallet, FiiiPAY offers a streamlined and convenient way to store money and make payments. Compatible with multi-currency transactions and more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies, FiiiPAY is developed with powerful capabilities such as compatibility with all FiiiGROUP-issued terminals, P2P transfers, C2B payments as well as offline payment capabilities.

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